APC-Easy clean coating-1000

Easy clean coating-1000 is an eco-friendly one-component water-base coating that can be used on non-porous and porous surfaces (like glass, ceramic, concrete, wood, metal, paints like traffic, automotive and architecture coatings ) to provide “Easy to Clean” surfaces.  Easy clean coating-1000 is a low surface energy, transparent and colorless film with long-term easy-to-clean characteristics against graffiti, aggressive chemicals and dirt.  This coating makes the surface much easier and quicker to remove unwanted graffiti and dirt.

Other technical specifications of APC-1000

  • The ability to apply with common methods such as spray, roller and brush

  • Resistant to corrosion, UV and scratches

  • The high durability on surfaces

  • Create a water drop contact angle of about 112-114 degrees

The application APC-Easy clean coating-1000

  • The offices and organizations

  • The sunglasses

  • The variety of mirrors

  • The motorcycle helmet

  • Car interior glass

  • Indoor glass

  • Shop windows